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Scott Yang

Ozbargain Founder

Scotty “scotty” Yang is a name that you probably won’t recognise but his website has single-handedly changed the routines of millions of Australians. From what started as a blog for friends and family, slowly reached and expanded throughout the Australian population. Eventually, that blog morphed and upgraded to the community based website that we know and love. 🔋🔋

Ozbargain reaches around 40 million views a month (That’s about 1.3 million a day) with 1 million probably coming from Nathan and I. Since the website’s launch in 2006, Ozbargain has expanded to NZ (ChoiceCheapies) and Singapore (CheapCheapLah).

35 - The Ozbargain Interview
Aug. 31, 2022

35 - The Ozbargain Interview

Like a kid meeting their superhero, we actually got the founder of Ozbargain for an interview(the website Nathan and I are constantly refreshing)! Scott Yang or also better known on the website as, 'scotty', comes on to talk ...

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