Aug. 31, 2022

35 - The Ozbargain Interview

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Like a kid meeting their superhero, we actually got the founder of Ozbargain for an interview(the website Nathan and I are constantly refreshing)! Scott Yang or also better known on the website as, 'scotty', comes on to talk about the origin story of Ozbargain, his favourite bargains and top tips for bargain hunting. We try to find out if there's anything that he pays full price for...

For all your deals, coupons, vouchers, discounts and freebies, be sure to check out Scott's website:!

Guests: Scott Yang, Nathan Phu

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Scott YangProfile Photo

Scott Yang

Ozbargain Founder

Scotty “scotty” Yang is a name that you probably won’t recognise but his website has single-handedly changed the routines of millions of Australians. From what started as a blog for friends and family, slowly reached and expanded throughout the Australian population. Eventually, that blog morphed and upgraded to the community based website that we know and love. 🔋🔋

Ozbargain reaches around 40 million views a month (That’s about 1.3 million a day) with 1 million probably coming from Nathan and I. Since the website’s launch in 2006, Ozbargain has expanded to NZ (ChoiceCheapies) and Singapore (CheapCheapLah).