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Growing up Korean-Australian, it wasn’t that common to find another Korean. The rest of my relatives were all living in Korea, while it was just my immediate family that was living here. I went to a predominantly ‘white’ school, so I was actually the only Korean kid in my grade up until year 7. Coming from a second generation immigrant family, there would be noticeable cultural differences between me and most of my friends; From the things we eat, the language, things we’d watch and traditions/celebrations.

On average, I travel to Korea around once a year. I usually stay in a city called Daegu, which is where all of my family resides. I like to visit Seoul once in a while, but I don’t stay too long. Korea’s got a lot of great food, shopping, attractions and entertainment that you can afford at a very reasonable price. I guess the reason people come back to Korea is because there is so much variety in terms of things to do, all at an affordable cost. You could go for a foodie trip, explore nightlife, go clubbing, sightseeing, visit famous dance studios and so much more.

March 4, 2022

33 - Growing up Korean-Australian // South Korea Travel Tips

Recorded in October 2021. This episode is a prime example of how easy it is to get side tracked during a recording. Join Heeji and I as we chat a little about her experiences being raised in Australia and then …

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