March 4, 2022

33 - Growing up Korean-Australian // South Korea Travel Tips

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Recorded in October 2021.

This episode is a prime example of how easy it is to get side tracked during a recording. Join Heeji and I as we chat a little about her experiences being raised in Australia and then delve into some juicy South Korea travel tips. There will be things to eat, see, do and some sneaky hidden gems that you can use for your next trip. Take a shot for every time I reference Japan. 💀😂

A slower rollout of episodes this year! Thanks for joining us on the first episode of 2022.

Guest: Heeji Seo

Itinerary Mockup: Wanderlog

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Heeji SeoProfile Photo

Heeji Seo

Growing up Korean-Australian, it wasn’t that common to find another Korean. The rest of my relatives were all living in Korea, while it was just my immediate family that was living here. I went to a predominantly ‘white’ school, so I was actually the only Korean kid in my grade up until year 7. Coming from a second generation immigrant family, there would be noticeable cultural differences between me and most of my friends; From the things we eat, the language, things we’d watch and traditions/celebrations.

On average, I travel to Korea around once a year. I usually stay in a city called Daegu, which is where all of my family resides. I like to visit Seoul once in a while, but I don’t stay too long. Korea’s got a lot of great food, shopping, attractions and entertainment that you can afford at a very reasonable price. I guess the reason people come back to Korea is because there is so much variety in terms of things to do, all at an affordable cost. You could go for a foodie trip, explore nightlife, go clubbing, sightseeing, visit famous dance studios and so much more.