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Dai Trang Le

Independent Member for Fowler

Dai Trang Le is the Independent Federal Member for Fowler, a division that was named after Lilian Fowler, the first female mayor in Australia.

The Fowler electorate spans Western Sydney from Chipping Norton, Warwick Farm, Liverpool to Mount Pritchard, Bonnyrigg, Cabramatta, Canley Vale, Canley Heights, Lansvale, Carramar, Fairfield East and Edensor Park, Bossley Park, St Johns Park, Wakeley, Greenfield Park, Prairiewood, Abbotsbury.

Fowler is one of the most culturally diverse communities in Australia, home to people from over 150 different ethnicities, many from migrant or refugee backgrounds.

As a refugee who escaped Vietnam at just 7 years of age with her mother and two sisters, Ms Le grew up in community housing and relied on the community around her for support and inclusion. It’s this experience that led her to career leading the way in diversity and multiculturalism.

Prior to embarking on her political journey, Ms Le enjoyed a successful career in journalism that began at the Liverpool Champion and later the Fairfield Champion. This was followed by more than a decade at the ABC where she reported on both global and local issues.

Ms Le embarked on her political career in 2008 and by 2012 was elected to Fairfield City Council, and eventually became Deputy Mayor of Fairfield City Council.

With her passion advocating strongly for her local community, by 2022 Ms Le felt the time was right to take her advocacy to a national level and campaigned to represent her electorate in Federal Parliament.

At the May 2022 Federal Election, Ms Le made history becoming the first Independent to be elected to represent Fowler, which has been a strong hold seat for the Australian Labor Party, since its formation in 1984.

In another first, on her inauguration to Parliament on the 5th September 2022, Ms Le became the first woman of Vietnamese heritage in the Australian House of Representatives to wear a traditional Vietnamese dress, the áo dài during her First Speech.

Ms Le is passionate about food, friends, and her community.

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