July 20, 2020

05 - The Chef Life and Experience

05 - The Chef Life and Experience
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A lot of Asian parents push for their kids to go to university to typically study for a STEM degree. I bring in some of my friends that demonstrate that you do not need a university degree to find a job that you love and can support yourself with.

Guests: Junior Jacky Trinh, Norman Tu
Supporting Guests: Matthew Ky 

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Matthew KyProfile Photo

Matthew Ky

Why is camouflage spelt camouflage and not

Full bio post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CB_7phgA1AR/

Norman TuProfile Photo

Norman Tu

Pursuing a career in cookery really opened my eyes to diverse cultures and allowed me to meet new people from different social and cultural backgrounds. I have really matured and become more accepting of different cultures.

I believe basic cooking skills are important life skills everyone should learn. When I'm hungry thirsty, I like to cook and get creative with the limited ingredients laying around in the fridge.

I've always loved cooking and getting cooked. Being a chef means work dominates a big part of your week and makes it hard to have a work life balance. But creating good relationships with colleagues and loving what I do makes the working week more enjoyable.

Junior Jacky TrinhProfile Photo

Junior Jacky Trinh

Pursue your dreams and never give up. My career as a Chef has become my life and passion. My week consists of mental stress and 12-hour shifts, but I say it every day, "I love my fucking job.” How a fat kid loves cakes, is how I love all foods; And that drove me to want to become a chef.

My parents were never approving of me becoming a Chef, they thought of it a lesser occupation. But at the end of the day, I decided that my life was mine and I would have to live by my decisions.

I have grown as an individual and learnt so much more about other cultures and different people from all around the world being in the hospitality industry and because of these interactions I have learnt how to communicate and connect with people now on a different level.