Nov. 4, 2021

30 - Sydney Food Boy

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Kevin or "Sydney Food Boy" (SFB) runs a food blog recently exploding in popularity for his in depth reviews and videos. His content adds a personal touch by going behind the scenes to see the origins of the recipes and how they are made. Join us on this episode to see a behind the scenes on SFB instead, covering how he started the blog, his favourite places to eat in Sydney and what's to come in the future for his platform.

Guest: Kevin La

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SFB top picks as mentioned: Battambang | 2 Foodies | Lao Village

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Kevin LaProfile Photo

Kevin La

Sydney Food Boy

Hi, I'm Kev! I'm on a journey to try amazing food around Sydney, and I love to share these food adventures as Sydney Food Boy!

I grew up in South West Sydney - Cabramatta to be exact. My childhood was filled with the wonderful food we have in our area, and over time I learned to appreciate how lucky we are to live in Sydney. We're arguably the most multicultural city in the world. You'll find people from all different walks of life, who have come together to call this place home. This also means there's a world of different foods at our doorstep, waiting to be tried!

I also love to travel! My inspiration for Sydney Food Boy actually came on a solo trip to Singapore. There's no greater feeling than exploring a completely different city and having your tastebuds just explode with new flavours! Every mouthful is a new memory. I loved it, and I wanted to search for that feeling every day while home in Sydney too.

Food is something that can connect everyone. To enjoy food together is to show love. I've found through my time as a food blogger/vlogger, that the best thing about food is the story of the people behind it. The best types of restaurants will make you feel like you're enjoying a home-cooked meal in their family home, and I hope I can continue to share these food stories through my content for years to come!