April 13, 2021

22 - Asian Drinking Culture

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Picture this: You're 12 years old, it is 6PM on a Tuesday night and you ask your dad for a sip of his beer. It is disgusting and you think to yourself, "I would never drink alcohol, this is terrible." Fast forward to now where alcohol is always prevalent, while it may not be yourself but with some, if not most of your friends. Drinking is a huge influence in our culture, and we will be exploring the different nuances in cultures not just limited to Asians. From the mannerisms, the games and types of drinks, there will be plenty to cover in this alcoholic fuelled episode.

Guests: Alcohol, Matthew Ky, Nathan Phu

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Nathan PhuProfile Photo

Nathan Phu

The yellow flash.

Full bio post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCUbrvzhkhk/

Matthew KyProfile Photo

Matthew Ky

Why is camouflage spelt camouflage and not

Full bio post: https://www.instagram.com/p/CB_7phgA1AR/