March 16, 2021

21 - The Dodgeball Diaries

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Another extra curricular sport to add to your list. A new guest appears, one of my old friends joins me as I explore more about his favourite sport that he has been playing for years now. He claims it's much better than Oz Tag, but maybe listen to Episode 17 before you choose which one you want to try.

Guest: Henry Ung

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Henry UngProfile Photo

Henry Ung

Growing up, I always had a passion for playing sports. However, that didn't mean I was good at sports. In school I would be that kid who was picked last for teams. To put it bluntly it was because I was the fat kid.

Compared to other sports that I have tried; dodgeball has an extremely low-level entry point to begin. The rules are simple, yet the game is intense. Even though it was simple, it did not mean I was good when I first started the sport. However, the dodgeball community is extremely friendly and supportive of all players. Through guidance of many others, I have come to grow better at the sport and understand the complexity of which this sport is played at higher levels.

At its core, dodgeball is extremely fun. When you give it a shot it is an exciting and intense sport that keeps you interested as improvements are really noticeable. For me, I constantly think about playing dodgeball in my daily life. I play up to 5-6 days a week.

I highly recommend dodgeball to all people. It is a team sport (6v6), and you can always just choose to play with some friends and have a good time mucking around. The community is extremely welcoming and everyone you play with would be willing to help improve each other. Dodgeball is still a growing community, but it is growing rapidly. There is no doubt it will become as big as sports such as Oz tag in Australia.