March 2, 2021

20 - IT's a Beautiful World

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From computer games as a child, to the tech industry as an adult - An all too common tale for people in the IT field. I uncover the rabbit hole of roles out there and also the tech jobs that we have experienced. For legal reasons, everything that we cover is of our own opinion and does not reflect the companies that we either have worked at or work at. 

Guest: Kevin Vong

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Kevin VongProfile Photo

Kevin Vong

I was around 8 years old when I first touched a computer. Ever since then, I have only been increasingly attracted to technology overtime. Naturally, I would go on to find a role in the tech field but that was not always the case. I feel like everyone has always thought about different pathways that they could have walked, maybe in a different timeline? I was always undecided about what exactly I wanted to pursue. With my only pro being related to tech, I decided to pursue university and a career in technology. During university, I was quite directionless, just cruising through and not putting my whole heart into anything. It was only during my last year of university that I found something that pointed me into the right direction, and to find that is why I’m so thankful for University.

My parents were quite the traditional Asian parents. Study, study, study, go to university and find a good job. However, overtime during High School they became more and more lenient towards me, and gave me more freedom of choice, as long as I’m earning a living to support myself. So, I got a job right after university as a Data Centre Technician in Infrastructure Operations. I have been working here for a little over two years now and honestly, it has been nothing but a great experience. There is nothing better than working with people who are smarter and have more industry experience than yourself.

Guess you could say that I have taken a “normal” path in life, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that either. Just do what makes you happy!