Sept. 30, 2020

12 - The PT Life and Experience

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I had the pleasure of talking with my old Personal Trainer, who talks about his origins and what paths in life he chose, that eventually led to his current career.

Guest: Gary Le

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Gary LeProfile Photo

Gary Le

Personal Trainer at Prime Performance

The biggest lesson I learned being a PT is that everyone is so different and that we, as coaches, have to be adaptable to the person in front of us. After all, we are in the people’s business, the service industry.

The initial start of PT was honestly so daunting. Simply because of the instability in income but also fear of letting my mum down. Growing up in an Asian background, the medical field is so highly praised but that wasn’t in my interest and I didn’t want to feel like I’ve failed her by going against the grain if you will.

But fast forward 1.5 years, I honestly wouldn’t be able to see myself changing career path especially after thinking about quitting twice a month at the start 😂