Aug. 19, 2020

08 - Interracial Dating

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It's no doubt a lot of our parents are quite "old school" with dating. In today's episode we chat about the experiences these guests went through when they started dating and how their circle around them reacted.

Guests: Michelle Hua, Hieu Le, Aleksandar Draca

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Michelle HuaProfile Photo

Michelle Hua

Being born in Australia has its perks. We have access to free healthcare, government supported payments and gun bans. I moved to Cabramatta because the property was cheap and it was the only suburb my family could afford. This was probably due to the reputation it had with being dangerous. Looking at Cabramatta now, it's now one of the most popular food spots in Sydney with the huge range of cultures and diversities in cuisine.

I think the experience of being an Asian here in Australia to other western countries will be different. But I'm also certain that there'd be much to relate to. I'm sure we've all once pretended to be our parents to help them with a bill, or have had those thick blankets with flower patterns or tigers whipped out during winter. Have a listen to this podcast and catch a glimpse of some of the stories we experience.

Aleksandar DracaProfile Photo

Aleksandar Draca

There is no doubt growing up in Australia exposes you to a large amount of diversity. Specifically, for me, growing up in Cabramatta has impacted my life in a way that I would never have expected.

Being a largely Asian community, it is safe to say I have been deeply exposed to the Asian culture. Most of my social circle is of an Asian background who I met in my time of schooling. I made life-long friends who have never put me down for being 'different'. Thus, I never really felt left out, or felt a sense of "not belonging" - people are just people.

Being of Serbian background and having an Asian girlfriend does present challenges within both our cultures. But it is how you tackle those challenges together as a couple which helps strengthen your relationship.